Information Overload Series: 2) Andy Cooperman's "Tips and Tricks"

Thank you, ADC!

Michelle Startzman and myself were more than thrilled to be offered the opportunity to attend Andy Cooperman's "Tips and Tricks" workshop in Tucson, hosted by the Arizona Designer Craftsmen.

Two words: COPIOUS NOTES. 

I learned a ton of amazing new tricks that are going to make for much more efficient and smart metalsmithing, and got to see (and touch!) some of Andy's really wonderful pieces.

We learned a ton - from flex shaft basics to "ninja soldering," and even alloying shibuichi and fusing bronze.
I'll have to say the most exciting part of the workshop was Andy himself  - specifically his attitude toward making and metalworking in general.  I love his risk taking approach, and can definitely benefit from a little more of that in my own practice. This was definitely one of the best workshops I have had a chance to attend - one not to miss!

Best feature: the mind-blowing simple tricks!

To check out a quick video from the workshop, on Shibuichi, click here!

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