Information Overload Series: 1) Yuma 2011

So long since my last post! 

Whew... time to take a breather.  So much has been going on lately! In an attempt to get caught up, I am going to swiftly dump a few images and some brief thoughts about some of the exciting stuff that has been going on 'round here lately!

First off, Yuma 2011!  

This year was only my second, but it was just as awesome as the first!  Of course it was tons of fun, as always, but what I found especially exciting were (in cascading order):

1. Michael Dale Bernard's lecture and (amazing) DIY video and demo about powdercoating.  Find the online version of the video about powdercoating here

2. Victoria May's lecture and work on display (some really great fiber things - her "Designed for General Use" series was especially intriguing). 

3. Student show and silent auction - This year seemed to have a much better display of auction items, and there was a lot of interesting student work! Unfortunately I got outbid on many of the things I fell in love with (most notably a MDB brooch) but did manage to snag an awesome re-purposed skateboard charm by Tara Locklear!

Necklace by Kat Cole

Mine, now!

4. And finally... did anyone SEE those trophys?!  Looks like the bar is getting raised!  Maybe next year, ASU.  We just need to brush up on the S/F/S rules a little bit!  :)

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