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Claire Baloge

Alam Necklace

France, 2009
     I came across this piece from the "I Care A Lot" online exhibition.   What first intrigued me about the piece was an unexpected material combination (camel dung, gold leaf, and silk).  After further consideration, however, I find it to be quite successful as a literal visual reference to the state of the middle east and western relations therein.  
     The use of such seemingly non-similar or unrelated  materials offers both the grotesque and the decorative, the repulsive and the desirable, and ironically, two natural objects of geographic, economic, and political significance bound together and coexisting in a way that makes sense to a specific culture: 

"I was far away from the oil society
but could feel the importance of it,
seeing sometimes a  4x4 air conditioned
cars crossing the dunes heading to newly
discovered oil. In the villages they passed
the  people were suffering hunger. Two
different worlds  temporally crossing. And
yet not meeting." -- Claire Baloge

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