My New Favorite Diamond Ring!

Isn't this ring by Selda Okutan simply stunning!?  I love the simplicity!  She's got several versions, some which include a stone actually set inside. 

Here are a few more examples of her work. Check out her website for more!

Oh! Poo.


Claire Baloge

Alam Necklace

France, 2009
     I came across this piece from the "I Care A Lot" online exhibition.   What first intrigued me about the piece was an unexpected material combination (camel dung, gold leaf, and silk).  After further consideration, however, I find it to be quite successful as a literal visual reference to the state of the middle east and western relations therein.  
     The use of such seemingly non-similar or unrelated  materials offers both the grotesque and the decorative, the repulsive and the desirable, and ironically, two natural objects of geographic, economic, and political significance bound together and coexisting in a way that makes sense to a specific culture: 

"I was far away from the oil society
but could feel the importance of it,
seeing sometimes a  4x4 air conditioned
cars crossing the dunes heading to newly
discovered oil. In the villages they passed
the  people were suffering hunger. Two
different worlds  temporally crossing. And
yet not meeting." -- Claire Baloge


Pimp my Pin

Because I don't wear brooches, but I just had to buy one of Becky McDonah's amazing jack-o-lope pins ( that I've been dying to have since I first saw them) at the last ASU Metals Club jewelry sale: 

Now I have an awesome jack-o-lope necklace! 

(And yes, of course I asked her first!)


New Bling!

As promised (however slightly later than promised!), here are a few photos of some most recent work...........



Charmed on Facebook is the first of what is likely to be a new trend in marketing through the social network.  And, it just so happens that she (Ingrid Anne) is selling jewelry.

Alongside an established website, the facebook page features an interactive (although slightly glitchy) feature that allows a user to "customize" a necklace by choosing between a variety of chain and charm styles.  The price automatically updates as you make your selections and totals below.

Although the choices are not the most appealing  -  I am really intrigued by the concept.  Offering the user/viewer/customer the ability to feel like they are making choices in the final product has been a proven as a positive marketing trick.  Secondly, there is no hovering salesperson and no feeling of commitment for the user.  And... lastly and perhaps most intriguing to me is - its on Facebook - the most trafficked and accessible place on the planet. 

Charmed might just be the beginning of a whole new way of marketing and selling products online.  Smart - yes.  Will I be doing it - probably never.  Although... I do see some potential for smaller sellers/businesses/craftspeople here. 

My only fear is that Facebook becomes the new (or some might argue "even bigger") target for junk mail and marketing.

I'm interested in what everyone else thinks!