Unforgettable Quote List

As an artist, one hears (and reads, and overhears when not intended to) many comments and critiques.  It's important to accept all of these, however it is of utmost important to remember specifically the ridiculous and the hilarious ones!  Someone mentioned once that I should keep these quotes in a list for shits and giggles.  Great idea! So, after reading a recent exhibition review, I was inspired to start...............

"Tiger Wood's wife needed one of those! Screw the golf club!"
"You could kill someone with that thing"
"I'm betting right-wingers won't approve of that particular recycling decision."
"Is that a weapon?"
"What happens if you eat it?"
"It's like a little shield"

Well, that's it for "unforgettable"... seems I've already exhausted such memories.  I'm definitely seeing the benefit of cataloging these before they're gone as quickly as they're spoken!  More as they occur......

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