A couple weeks ago I went to Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts to assist Becky McDonah with her workshop: Righteous Reliquaries for Ordinary Objects.  The workshop was tons of fun and the class was a great group!  Everyone got some exciting things accomplished!
This was my first experience at Arrowmont, and now I'm afraid I'm addicted.  The environment was unlike anywhere I've ever been.  It was really a unique experience to be surrounded by so many eager artists.  I met tons of awesome people, and found that everyone was extremely friendly! The excitement really encourages productivity, and the close proximity of the studios and housing creates tons of opportunity for building new connections among the various areas, students, volunteers, and faculty...........And,  I can't forget to mention that it's nestled in the gorgeous smoky mountains in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  This alone sold me! The week was really intense, between studio time, lectures, and being force-fed awesome home cooked meals.  It FLEW by!  This just means I'll definitely have to find a way back! 
Here are some of the students working:

And Becky giving a demo:

 And lastly, a couple of studio pictures, because I'm jealous of all this space!!

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