Blender BLING!

Since I can't afford Flamingo, the rendering software I'm used to, I decided I would tackle Blender, an open source modeling and rendering package.  After several days of somewhat helpful online tutorials, lots of random playing, a growing desire to hurl my laptop against the wall, and a few drinks to calm my nerves, I finally figured some things out!  (That is, after  I abandoned creating background surfaces alltogether... and stopped looking at the amazing things other people have done with this program.) 

Something tells me it shouldn't have been this difficult... and it shouldn't have crashed this special new laptop I bought for specifically for CAD design so many times.  Oh well, summer's coming, and I'm telling myself I'll get better at Blender then.......

So after all this frustration, I felt it necessary to share some of the results (which in NO way are relevant to what these pieces will actually look like!):


Latest Piece!

So, the "Brand Loyalty" themed handcuffs made me work with leather, an entirely new thing for me.  Although not directly related in theme, here's a peek at what else developed alongside/after it....  more to come!

Front View

Details of Clasp

Back View