Who needed another reason to be scared to eat at McDonalds?

Nothing says "Welcome to Tucson!" like a (freakishly) realistic T-Rex as you're exiting the McDonald's drive thru.

There was no way I wasn't going to get a picture of this guy:

Other things of note in Tucson (can you tell this was the first time I'd ever been here?):

And of course, I acted like any tourist, and had to get the 'cactus in front of the snow' picture:

More Workshops!

Image courtesy www.kariminnick.com

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to go to Tucson for "The Glass Onion" workshop with Kari Minnick, glass artist. She has a wonderful gestural style and works with a great deal of calligraphic text, combining representational imagery with geometric blocks of color. Her objects typically have complex compositions created from multiple layers of glass fused together.

She showed us a variety of different application methods when working with different kinds of frit and when fusing glass.
Here are some of her sample tiles:

...........and then we made some of our own:

After the initial tiles were fired, we were able to cut them apart and layer them with glass of other colors, styles, and patterns. We used clear glass to fill the gaps, and ended up making 5"x8" compositions that were 5 layers deep. Here are a couple of examples of them once complete:

Now we've got a little knowledge, and were able to find someone with experience using an enameling kiln. Now its time to experiment and see what we can do in our studio!


This year I've had a couple of really great workshop opportunities. I wanted to share them!

The first was visiting artist Julia Harrison from Seattle, Washington. She came for a woodworking and finishing workshop and lecture. Her work is awesome, and she showed us some great ways of coloring, finishing, and shaping wood. She also had a lot of great info. on working with a variety of different woods. Here's a couple images of her work:Image Courtesy http://beckanderson.blogspot.com
Image Courtesy http://julia-harrison.blogspot.com

During the workshop, we experimented with carving from small blanks first, then moved on to large blocks ... and carved a spoon completely by hand! Here are some pictures:

Julia demonstrating carving techniques.

Our spoons!
Thanks for the pictures, Lynette!

And............ here's mine: