15 Hour Review

I passed!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy!

The past few months have been crazy, between tons of exhibitions, teaching, making, and getting ready for my 15 hour review!  Yesterday was the big day, and I PASSED!    What does that mean?  I am officially a MFA "candidate" and have been accepted to continue with my work here at ASU and can now select a committee and start toward my thesis. 

Now it's time to take a HUGE sigh of relief and get back to the grind.... much less stressed.  This should bring my attention back around to my blog too, which has fallen to the bottom of my priorities lately.  Updated things soon to come!

Current Exhibition: Small Metals, Big Ideas

The Night Gallery at Tempe Marketplace is currently hosting a curated exhibition featuring the work from metalsmiths affiliated with Arizona State University.   Work shown is Graduate level, Faculty, and Graduate Alumni. 

The Opening Reception was Nov. 4 and 5, 6-9pm.
The exhibit will be up from  Nov. 4-28, 2010.

Artists include: Becky McDonah, Tedd McDonah, Victoria Altepeter, Jonathan Brown, Nissa Kubly, John Tzelepis, Lynette Andreasen,  Katie Poterala, Erik Bogner, Amanda Frazier, Leon Nash, Michelle Startzman, and Sam Troxell.



Somehow I never got around to posting these... which by the way, provoked two separate little groups of people to pretend sword fight at the recent Intercollegiate Metals Exhibition.  yeah, didn't see that one coming!?


You look Fabulous

Here are a few shots from the "You Look Fabulous" wearable sculpture exhibition's opening night and runway show.  The show is currently on exhibit at the Night Gallery at Tempe Marketplace in Tempe, Arizona, and will be until Oct. 31.

 My Piece!


State Press Feature

I did an interview for The State Press Magazine about my Etsy shop.  To read it, follow this link.

Anna Davern

Just came across the Australian artist Anna Davern the other day.   Admittedly, I know nothing about the politics down under, but this kind of makes me wish I did.  I really like these brooches anyway :)

Check out her website via the link above for more really great metalwork!

Mid-day Bling!

Mathieu Mercier's Diamond (painting)



I love toys.  And fun things.  And funny things.  So, these are Awesome!

Yum Yum London's Heroes and Villains collection (Coming soon.. hopefully!)

Jeremy Deller poster


ADC Craftsmanship 2010

The Arizona Designer Craftsmen "Craftsmanship 2010" Exhibition received a great turnout this year!   Here are some image from the opening:

And, a special shout out to Amanda Scheutzow, an ASU undergraduate student who won first place for her metal piece, "Release"!!


MJSA Scholarship

MJSA, the Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America offer a number of competitive scholarships every year for the students pursuing degrees in metals related fields.  I just found out that this year, I am one of them!  I am so excited... absolutely thrilled!!!  It's going to help so much!

MJSA awarded $7,200.00 total this year, split between four students from across the country.  It's awesome that the foundation is able to consistently offer so many substantial awards, as there aren't many out there for us metalsmiths.

Congrats to the other winners:
Julia Heineccius,  Davina Romansky, and Alexander Walker

& many, many thanks to MJSA and the Rhode Island Foundation!

Click HERE for more information on the MJSA awards.



Check out an upcoming exhibition that will be happening at the Harry Wood Gallery here at ASU from September7 to the 17th! 

Reception is the 7th, from 6 to 9 p.m.
I am very excited to have three pieces in the show alongside so many other wonderful works in a variety of mediums!