The most compelling question of 2009? That's easy! (Drumroll please...) Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Yeah, I went there. LITERALLY. But, lucky for me, I wasn't the only one...

Team metals, plus some of team woods and team fibers, including an anonymous someone who must have been abducted to be there in the first place. Notice Sam... the lone boy (other than Colin, a boyfriend, who had no other choice). There why? Oh yeah, for the girls. Of course!

My choice? I can't lie, it's tough. I think I'll have to stick with "team there's no way in hell I could ever make that choice - why bother trying"... or maybe "team bella's an idiot, I'll be your cougar, Jake"... but hey, at least that means I'm no longer "team denial" (right Lynette?!).
I think waiting in line to get into a movie theater on opening night (when you already have a ticket) for almost 6 straight hours counts as going public! Wow... I guess I've really crossed over the line. Sanity anyone?

And...Speaking of 6 hours... check it out:

Lynette (the midnight release coordinator and pro at these type of events), seen here passing out her thick stack of twilight trivia (complete with answer guide and one per each book) to the deserving teens and pre-teens surrounding us in line. Oh yeah, we were prepared.

And, pictured here are two twelvish girls. The one on the left... a champion twilight trivia star... she does competitions. Oh yeah.
(Answers complete with squealing, shreiking, and somewhat heated debate)

YES. This IS what you think it is.

And... of course... no true group of fans comes without representing the winning team. In this case, both teams.

Lynette for the Vamps & Ellie for the Wolves.

The only letdown? NO VAMPIRES! Not even ONE sparkley person. No fangs. No fur.
I mean, what's the point in going to the midnight release if you can't even gawk at people who spent hours getting dressed to show up in character? Bummer.

So, In conclusion:
Yep. We were THAT cool. :)

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