A week's work!

So here are the final products of the last week of working! I really wanted to enter Heidi Lowe's Multiples exhibition , and I've had this piece of wood lying around for two years now that I haven't found a use for yet. So... I decided to crank out a series of cocktail rings (and avoid other projects I probably should have been working on!)

They turned out to be an interesting hybrid of many other things I've done before, but still quite different as well. It was actually pretty refreshing to work on something a little more formal and less conceptual for a while! Here are some shots:

Ring 5

Ring 4
Ring 3

Ring 2

Ring 1

....and this is a wall piece I did for the ASU Metals raffle coming up.


New things!

Here's some of what I've been up to lately:

First piece of the semester, "Carolina Sunday"
Copper, wood
(wall hanging)

detail of etching

"Ties that bind: Godfearing and the binding of the text"


"Just Cause" necklace
etched sterling