Road Trip to Arizona/ASU !!!

Wow. It's been a while since I blogged...

So a lot has happened in the past several weeks!! I traveled 2,000 miles across the country behind my parents and their travel trailer all the way from Greenville, South Carolina to Tempe, Arizona, where I'm starting graduate school this Fall. Kodi (my puppy) and I moved into an awesome house not far from campus, and I've just gotten moved into the new studio, as well!

We made a few nice stops along the long trip and saw some absolutely amazing scenery. We even visited a couple of places that we first visited when I was ten... it had been in twelve years!

Here are some initial highlights to enjoy from the trip! I'll get around to adding some more later!

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YES... Clampetts' style!

The Mississippi...

And it's mighty rest area law enforcement staff. They take this job seriously, as indicated by the quotation marks. (We got in trouble for parking improperly...)

A very cliche sign in New Mexico.

Dad and Kodi... no surprise that a few minutes later Kodi decided to pull a hot log out and ask to play fetch. Way to go, dad.


Kodi hears the cow... but cannot find the cow. After running around like crazy... he's just listening.

My (almost) pet lizard! Short-horned.

You don't see storms like this at home!

We stayed at the same campground we did 12 years ago... right at the base of this (kind of) little mountain. This is about half way up the mountain... at about 5,000 ft.

Made it!

first palm trees..

Welcome back to civilization.

Me and mom.

Christmas tree, anyone?

What is that?? At 9,500 ft... ICE!! in Arizona??


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