Joseph Carnevale's NC "Public Art Project"

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Apparently the guy responsible for this piece of "public [street] art" is Joseph Carnevale, a history student at NC State. The monster was created back in May, but Carnevale wasn't arrested until early this month. Looks like he'll have to cover the damage costs of 3 of these barrels because he "destroyed" them by bolting them together & slicing them up (300 & something $$$).

The best part? Why he does it.
Found here on his blog: http://nopromiseofsafety.com/about/

"No Promise Of Safety is not solely a photography driven endeavor. Nor is it restricted to the exploration of hidden or forgotten places... the real point of this site is to show people that the boundaries they perceive are meant to be pushed, rules are for breaking, and life is only worth living when lived dangerously."

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