Upcoming Class @ Vino and VanGogh

Check out my 2 hour hammered earring class coming up at Vino and VanGogh if you're in Greenville, SC!  You'll learn to make these from start to finish, all with wire and rod! 

It's perfect for beginners and will be a ton of fun!  Skills learned can be easily repeated at home!

Only $38 (materials included!)
To sign up, visit: vinoandvangogh.net


I LOVE hero images.

Want to see a recent one of  mine?

I can't decide if I want to switch out my website landing picture with this one... what do you guys think?? www.katiepoterala.com

Today's BLING

I love these earrings.  I just am always in the studio and not often around town trying to look fashionable.  Today, however, I've been checking out some cool shops in Richmond, VA and decided to wear something special.  These pretties were in my MFA thesis show: Etched brass + powdercoat empty bezels.

P.S.  I love this city.   


One reason SC is better than AZ

No offense, friends. I miss you all. BUT: this just doesn't exist there.

Quick Little Crafty Project

As you know from my last post, I am setting up a new studio space. It's quite a lengthy process, waiting for electrical, plumbing, and covering the floors with metal flashing. So, in the mean time, I decided to do a quick makeover on an old dresser that I'll use in my new space! I have been dying to try this crackle paint technique from my pinterest board 'lets get crafty'. Check the boards here: www.pinterest.com/katiepoterala

Before and after:


I'm SO slack.

Wow.  Its been a while... an embarrassing while.  The good news is that only my blog has been slack.  The bad news is that I've neglected this space because of so many other new, exciting, crazy, stressful things and events in my life!  So, for a super fast speedy insane recap, I'll take this time to reflect on some of the things that have been going on in the world of Katie Poterala since we last crossed paths:

I have:

Completed the wonderfully stressful process of putting on an MFA thesis show!  Pictures will be posted on the site soon, but here's a sneak peek:

Moved... twice! Most recently as a return to my home state, South Carolina!  It feels a.m.a.z.i.n.g to see so much green again. 

Road Tripped with my good friend Logan Woodle! Saw tons of awesome things, including Caves, Petrified Wood, Hot Springs, and lots and LOTS of turtles.  (Hey check out that awesome fungus that grows in the desert!)

Joined Pinterest! Check out my collection of boards: here

Started a blog on CraftHaus called 'First Hand', highlighting some personal discoveries about professional
development and the real world, with guest insights from professional artists in the field.

Started a mailing list (find the link on my website, or for a direct link click here).  Sign up if you want to be the very first to know what's new in my little shop!

Made a ton of new work, both one of a kind and production pieces. Wanna see what's on the bench, now??

Shipped a ton of work all over the US, to places like Sienna Gallery, Society of Contemporary Crafts, and the Wayne Art Center.

Started a bridal line!  Check it out here & let me know what you think!

Placed some production and one of a kind work into some New spaces, including Julie Artisan's Gallery (NYC), ASU Art Museum Shop (Tempe, AZ), and Matthew Campbell Gallery (Greenville, SC).

Worked on my website, A LOT. 

MADE a website, come to think about it!  From scratch, no less...

Got into a Lark Book! Finally! My mokume gane set of hollow constructed rings is featured in Showcase 500 Rings.

Went to the annual SNAG conference (hosted by good friends and mentors in Phoenix, this year), and got to attend the pre-conference workshops at Mesa Contemporary Arts! Awesome, as always.  It was great having a chance to help out on a committee this year.

Participated in the ASU Art Museum's first Trunk Show, and the annual SNAG trunk show.  Here are my best selling earrings:

Taught workshops at the Fine Arts Center in Greenville, SC: an amazing institution I am SO proud to be an alumni of!  It was so wonderful to be back in this amazing place and see some of the people who first helped shape me as an artist.

Expanded my personal studio practice to include production fabrication for a fantastic local Jewelry Designer, teacher, and artist here in Greenville, SC.

Lined up a bunch of classes for the Fall!  From quick two hour BYOB workshops at Vino and VanGogh to  two day technique based classes at Daly Designs and Furman University.  I'll post details to my website soon!  Here's a sample of some things that we'll be doing in September:

And, lastly (although I'm sure I've overlooked a thousand things)... I'm working on setting up my own personal studio! I'm crammed into a crazy tiny space with no A/C right now--NOT ideal!  But, I'll be in a modest but better place soon, and I promise I'll post pictures ASAP!

So, not that it makes up for the abyss that my blog has become, but I've been BUSY!  I promise to be better in my post grad school blogging! 


How to beat the limitations of 3D printing. So simple it'll blow your mind.

Michael Hansmeyer has developed an innovative way to beat the limitations of 3D printing. 

His detailed files (many based on algorithms that repeatedly subdivide an abstracted traditional doric column, adding decorative elements)  far exceed the detail (triangle count) allowed (or processable) by current technologies.  Instead of cutting back on the details, he's split his files into thousands of horizontal slices, 1mm thick each. 

 And stacked them!



So excited and honored to have been chosen to be a part of COSTUME COSTUME II at Sienna Gallery! This is the second round of COSTUME COSTUME, a project organized Erin Gardner, founded of The Opulent Project, and juried by Arthur Hash (who's work is amazing, if you're not familiar!)

If you are in the area (Lenox, Mass), the work will be on display until the end of this month.  If you're not, be sure to check out the online gallery to see some really great work!

Here are the pieces I created for the exhibition:

Some New Work!

It's bee so long since I've posted!  Here's a little peek at what I've been up to!